Silent Hill Silent Hill Bubble Head Nurse Cosplay
Harley Quinn Conundrum

Harley Quinn Conundrum

Geschlecht: Männlich
Album Name: My Cosplay
Comic Name: Silent Hill
Rollen Name: Silent Hill Bubble Head Nurse(Silent Hill)
Nachlaufzeit: 2012-01-18
Beschreibung: Me being a creepy Silent Hill Bubble Head Nurse.


Harley Quinn ConundrumI actually bought this from a good friend of mine, who owns her own haunted attraction in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina "Visions of Horror", she made the entire costume herself (mask included) and she gave it to me for a really good deal. Unfortunately, she does not have anymore since she only made a few for her attraction and sold them off for money for new props and stuff for next year's theme.
breemilamis this for sale?! would love to buy!!!

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